Academic Career Paths

If you are pursuing an academic career, you can participate in the program "En route into science, supported by the Center for Quality Assurance and Development (ZQ). There, young researchers can find information different career paths to professorship and can acquaint themselves with the peculiarities of the application process, among other things. Additional research options within and without of the scientific research system are going to be presented, and basic conditions that play a major role in career planning will be discussed

Appointments are a core element of JGU's strategic action in the competition for the best minds and a basic building block for the university's profile. JGU therefore pays the utmost attention to the appointment process: as much standardization as necessary, as much professionalization as possible, and both while taking into account the respective subject culture - that is the challenge for successful process management at JGU.Since 2011, the university has been working with the "Guidelines for Filling Professorships," which are constantly updated. Since 2014, the entire appointment process has been further optimized (website only available in German) with the goal of attracting the best scientists to JGU - because ultimately, the quality of today's appointments determines tomorrow's university.

Science managers are the bridge builders between science and administration. Personnel Development Department at JGU offers a series of workshops to support you in your professionalization in science management (website only available in German).