Career Perspectives for Postdocs

Individual Career Coaching for Postdocs

What is next after your doctorate or postdoc phase? In the post-doctoral phase, there is often the challenge of making more fundamental career decisions, developing and implementing an individual strategy for your own career. In fact, as an academic, you have excellent opportunities to pursue a career path that suits you.
JGU's Human Resources Development would like to support you in developing and realising your own career strategy with an individual coaching offer. If you decide to take advantage of this offer, you will have the opportunity to focus and work on your individual counselling needs in up to 3 coaching sessions with an external career coach.

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Where should your journey take you?

In the phase of academic qualification, there is often uncertainty as to how the further career should and can be planned. De facto, as an academic, you have excellent opportunities to pursue a career path that suits you and that will inspire and lead to inner satisfaction in the long term.

What comes after your doctorate or postdoc phase? Can you plan a career in science at all? Or is a career in business, public or non-profit institutions a better fit for you?

Career orientation and planning

Strategic career planning is important! There is no standard recipe for a successful career; it is an individual process. As a PhD student, doctoral candidate or postdoc, you often find yourself faced with the following questions - when planning your future:

Personnel development for postdocs

JGU's Personnel Development Department offers support for your career planning. Based on practical information and with the help of our support services, you will certainly be able to find and shape the right path for yourself!