Support offers for Postdocs

The Human Resources Development is developing appropriate strategies and extra-occupational measures for the support of the developmental demands, so that the employees of the University can continue to contribute to the success of the JGU. In the context of the project Career perspectives for Postdocs, different workshops were developed that are specially designed for Postdocs.

Because personal career planning is often influenced by private topics, we offer the possibility of individual support. What’s the next step, career change and failure, as well as compatibility between career and job are topics that are often discussed.

On the website of the Human Resources development you can find the specially designed offers for Postdocs as well as many different offers for all staff members of JGU. We provide events as well as a wide spectrum of offers for leadership development in strategy and management, in the area of science and research, IT, various soft skills such as communication, team development and team work.


The JGU assists you with your Career planning!

Individual Counseling and Coaching; individual career development for PhD students and postdocs

Because individual career planning is always influenced by personal topics, we offer interested postdocs the possibility of individual support by means of personal counseling and individual coaching..

Why individual counselling?

Do you find yourself considering these or similar questions?

  • Which career possibilities do I have?
  • How can I improve my career chances?
  • How can I apply outside of the university? (also CV/resume check)

If yes, then you could benefit from a private discussion.

The goal of the counseling session is to strengthen career awareness, encourage and increase self-reflection and the skills for self-help in the context of careers.

Basic principles are trust, voluntariness, and discretion
Spaces for counseling and coaching is dependent on capacity

If interested, feel free to get in contact via E-Mail.

Career orientation for researchers

The workshop is not about providing the magic formula for "successful careers ", but rather about giving tailored support for career planning.

The Workshop is offered in German and English.

You will find further information to the events under Science and Research on the website from the Human Resources Development of the JGU.

Application, prepairing for a non-academic career

Based on biographical key data and job options, you will acquire individual application strategies for career directions outside of the university free economy.

The Workshop is offered in German and English.

You will find further Information to the events under Science and Research on the website from  Human Resources Development of the JGU.

Career orientation
If you want to orient yourself outside of research and academia as a junior scientist, the job market outside of publicly financed research seems confusing and unapproachable. The occupational field and the possibilities that stand open are not always easy to recognize. At the same time, there are many chances, especially for skilled university graduates.

For this reason, strategic career planning is important. In the process, a series of questions need to be clarified such as what are my objectives and interests? What are my strengths and weaknesses? Where can I apply? Do I know what is expected of me and how I want to present myself?

Source: JGU Career Perspectives for postdocs, C. Ketting own research

The Human Resources Development at JGU provides workshops in the context of the project for postdocs in which the topics of strategic career planning, self-presentation while considering personal strengths and weaknesses (so-called competencies) and (non-university) applications will be elaborately discussed.

For topics that are more personal topics or questions, you can register any time by E-Mail for individual counseling or coaching.

What can you expect from your manager?

Managers lead and guide you as postdoc during your research work. However, they also help your personal progress as employees. It’s about qualifications and competencies, that serve as the basis, together with your personal goals, for your career development and future.

It is your manager’s responsibility to initiate a conversation about your future career path. You, however, are responsible for your own career, whether it is at or outside of the university. The yearly discussion offers a good basis to speak about your career perspectives.
Arrange a discussion yourself and start a conversation between equals!

To prepare for your discussion, ask yourself the following question:
How do I imagine my future career?

Which possibilities can I see for myself for an academic career path at JGU or other universities?*

Which career paths outside of academia sound interesting for me?
When would be a good time to change career paths?

  • What else do I need in order to make my future career a reality?
    Which skills do I already have? What can I improve? Which offers at JGU can I use utilize for this?
  • Which cities are applicable to me? How flexible am I in this regard?
  • • What does my network look like? What else do I need to expand my network?
    Which support do I hope to get from you as my advisor?

* How much time do I still have in regards to the German law that applies to fixed-term contracts in academia (WissZeitVG § 2 Abs. 1)? How long would fixed-term follow-up employment be possible for?

The employees in HR 1-4 can gladly advise you further regarding these topics. Please get in contact with your Department Human Resources contact person if you have any questions.

If you have any questions regarding the topic of work-life balance or caring for relatives, feel free to get in contact with the employees at the Family Services Center in Verbindung.


Have you already made your decision or are you still trying to get oriented?
You can also find lots of information and informative links regarding various career paths here: